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Notice How Your Thoughts and Words Define Your Reality

Before you tell me, “But I don’t have time for self-care!” ask yourself if what you really mean is, “I haven’t made self-care a priority.” Can you afford to not make yourself a priority anymore? How has this choice affected you in the past? Do you really believe that your health, your happiness, and your life aren’t a priority?

By paying attention to the moment you are in right now, by taking note of your external and internal environments, you are focusing on the present. As many spiritual practices would agree, the present is all you really have. “Each day has its own anxieties.” Reflecting on the past and planning for the future have their place, but excessive amounts of either can lead to depression and anxiety.

Physiology of Mindfulness

by Dr. Erin Moore

I first learned about meditation from a friend in high school. I saw him sitting eyes closed on a pillow doing not a single thing, and figured him to be a silly hippie. What a waste of precious time! Now that I’ve joined a profession of “hippie doctors” and run a drugless practice, I’ll admit I misjudged the situation. It won’t take much googling to find an article that tells you mindfulness or meditation can help whatever ailment you’ve got. I’ve got two points to make up front.

5-Minute Breathing Exercise

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